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WorkSafeNB offers an array of additional FREE resources that support health and safety education within New Brunswick schools and youth educational settings. These resources are appropriate for grades kindergarten through to grade 12 and support the teaching of safe decision making on the job, at home, at school and during play. All resources are bilingual and connected to several provincial curriculum outcomes.

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No mercy! 

No Mercy Youth Campaign: No Mercy implies that workers should never compromise their safety at work, show no mercy when it comes to their safety, and take all necessary precautions, as workplace incidents, machines and equipment will show no mercy on workers or their safety. The primary objectives of the campaign, aimed at anglophone and francophone high school-aged students, are to:  

  • Generate awareness of workplace health and safety, smart risk taking and injury prevention.
  • Provide future and current young workers with support resources related to workplace safety and injury prevention.
  • Provide teachers with optional resources supporting safety education.


Lost Youth – Four Stories of Injured Young Workers

Michael, Jennifer, John, and Nick all speak of losing their youth after sustaining serious workplace injuries. Through dramatic recreations of these incidents and one-on-one discusssions with the young people and their parents, Lost Youth tells four stories of lives forever altered. 

Discussion Guide (PDF)

For additional information on any of the WorkSafeNB resources or to order copies of our resources please contact:

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