Keeping Them Safe

Addressing the safety needs of young people in your workforce is as important as having a youth hiring strategy.

Consider this…
Young workers, aged 15 to 24, are a segment of the working population that is particularly at risk for workplace accidents and inexperienced in the work environment.

Young workers are often

  • Inexperienced in the work environment.
  • Employed in positions requiring manual labour.
  • Lacking proper training.
  • Ready to please and eager for new challenges.
  • Happy to undertake tasks beyond their job responsibilities.
  • Employed in the service industry where money changes hands.
  • Unaware of their workplace safety rights and responsibilities.
  • Lacking the confidence to ask questions or enforce their right to a safe workplace.

Young people can have different ways of learning, different levels of experience in the workforce, different attitudes about new responsibilities, and different confidence levels compared to older workers. All these aspects must be considered in your company's health and safety plan.

The following pages cover some topics important to ensuring the safety of new and young workers at your job site.

The checklist we've included below can be used with any new employee, whether they are new, young or transferred from another department. It provides details on what they need to know to contribute to creating a safe workplace.


New Employee Checklist (PDF)


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