Lesson Plans and Activity Guides - Grades 9-12

WorkSafeNB wants new and future workers in New Brunswick to believe that injuries are no accident, and that safety extends beyond the workplace into most aspects of everyday life. We are committed to providing you with resources to help students develop the skills they need to make safe choices — for life.

Choices for Life!

The Choices for Life activity guide was developed by WorkSafeNB. The strength of this resource lies in the on-going support received from the staff at the New Brunswick Department of Education. Without their contribution, as well as that from school districts, principals, and a substantial contribution from teachers, this document would not have been possible.

The activities contained within Choices for Life encompass a wide variety of content related to health and safety. The activities explore the roles and responsibilities of individuals in daily decisions, be it at home or school, in social settings or the workplace. The activities continue to reinforce the recognition of high-risk behaviours, hazards and means of reducing risk of injury. Click here to download the complete Choices for Life activity guide (1.3MB MS Word document)

Live Safe! Work Smart!

The Live Safe! Work Smart! material was written and produced by a small team from the Ontario Ministry of Labour and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. Safety-related expectations have been extracted from the curriculum, matched with five major health and safety topics and customized materials for Grades 9 to 12 courses have been developed. To help meet specific outcomes within the New Brunswick curriculum, WorkSafeNB has adapted the program.

How to get the most out of YouthSafeNB

To begin, click on the link below to view the six health and safety course streams.
Health and Safety Course Streams


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