Protecting Yourself - Exercising Your Rights

OK, that little voice inside your head is in an uproar. Something's not right at work.

It might be that you need an orientation and job-specific safety training that you’re not getting. You might feel excluded from the health and safety process at your workplace or you might feel that you or another person on the job is at risk of being injured – or worse.

What can you do?

The first rule of exercising your rights at work?


If it feels wrong, maybe it is wrong, and you should at least check into it.

Take some action. Here's what you do when you come across what you think is an unsafe situation:

  • Stop what you're doing.
  • Report your concern to your supervisor. Explain the reasons for your concern, and if applicable, why you feel that you can't continue to work.
  • If the problem is resolved and you feel safe, return to work.
  • If your problem is not resolved and you still believe the work is dangerous, then get help.

Return to work only when you feel that the situation is no longer dangerous. Your employer may assign you different work until the matter is resolved.

Either way, stay at the job site until your shift is over.

Please note: You can't be discriminated against for exercising your rights under the OHS Act. If you're fired, demoted, docked pay or discriminated against in some other way, you should file a complaint with WorkSafeNB (1 800 222-9775).


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