Protecting Yourself - Knowing Your Rights

Thanks to the OHS Act (Occupational Health and Safety Act), you have three rights to protect you at work:


1. To know

1. Know about workplace hazards and to receive orientation and job-specific safety training.


2. To participate

Participate in solving health and safety problems at your workplace.


3. To refuse dangerous work

"An employee may refuse to do any act at his place of employment where he has reasonable grounds for believing that the act is likely to endanger his health or safety or the health or safety of any other employee." (Section 19 of the OHS Act)

These rights could save your life, or at least a body part. Be sure to remember them when you go to work.

If you need more information on your three basic rights, or on the OHS Act, please refer to the links below or contact WorkSafeNB at 1 800 222-9775. 


Link: Your Rights
Link: Acts and Regulations
BROCHURE: Important Facts to Take To Work
BROCHURE: Right to Refuse Dangerous Work


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