Resources for Teachers and Students

Every day in our province, young workers are injured on the job. WorkSafeNB exists, in part, to promote safe workplaces, and is committed to raising awareness among our youth on safety matters at work, with the goal of promoting workplace safety now, and in the future.

Teachers have the unique privilege of shaping of our future workforce, given the daily opportunities they have to address issues important to their students' present and future lives. Even while students are busy acquiring the skills and knowledge they will need for life careers, they are already spending several hours each week actively engaged in the workplace. Even while students dream of future plans, workplace injuries place them at risk of not ever being able to realize those dreams.

At WorkSafeNB, we have developed a number of resources for teachers and students to promote young worker safety. These resources can be found on (or ordered through) our website. Some of these resources are designed to support specific curriculum outcomes, while others are meant to educate youth about health and safety in general. For more information about teacher resources, email Jessica Brodie, Youth Programs Co-ordinator, or call 506 867-0632.

As part of NAOSH (North American Occupational Safety and Health) Week, (May 5-11, 2013) WorkSafeNB invites all of New Brunswick's high school teachers to spend one class period discussing young worker safety. To this end we have developed a ready-to-use lesson, designed to cover one 75-minute class period (but adaptable to whatever time permits).

The PowerPoint presentation is designed to be teacher-led, while students follow along and complete the activities on the downloadable student worksheet. The teacher notes may help teachers prepare for teaching this lesson.

Our youth face unique health and safety challenges. These challenges are impacted by a lack of awareness of their rights and responsibilities as they pertain workplave to health and safety. Targeting young workers through prevention education activities demonstrates WorkSafeNB's commitment to transforming attitudes and behaviours related to young worker safety.


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