"Unintentional injuries remain the leading cause of death among Canadians age 1 to 44. It is estimated that 90% of deaths due to unintentional injuries are preventable." (Federal, Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committee on Population Health, Toward a Healthy Future, Second Report on the Health of Canadians, 1999, p.23.)

It is the goal of WorkSafeNB to equip incoming and future workers with the skills and knowledge needed to keep safe and free from injury while on the job, and to provide them with the ability to transfer these skills in their daily activities and personal choices. WorkSafeNB believes that positive attitudes towards health and safety can best be developed through education beginning at a young age and reinforced throughout daily activities and teachings. For health and safety education to be effective, it is important that it be viewed as an on-going partnership between the school, home, community and workplace. Health and safety is not simply a '9AM to 5PM' work issue. Our personal safety and well-being should be a priority in all aspects of daily living.

It is our hope that the YouthSafe website will assist teachers in shaping attitudes and strengthening awareness among students that health and safety is an integral responsibility in every person's life.


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