Lesson Plans and Printables

Lesson Plans and Printables

The classroom is a wonderful environment for helping students to understand both the importance of making good choices and the need to take responsibility for one’s self. Educating young people about health and safety affords them an opportunity to consider both the positive and negative consequences of their actions. Students need to learn safety skills at an early age. Moreover, they need to practice recognizing unsafe conditions and selecting behavioural responses that will help them avoid potential dangers. 

The Stella the Safety Skunk Program helps meet several outcomes within the You & Your World curriculum and engages students in thinking and learning about safety. Activities are intended to raise awareness among students about health and safety issues in their daily lives and to encourage them to take measures at home, at school and at play to be healthy and stay safe. It is our hope that you will incorporate Stella whenever you are teaching students about the importance of safety in the classroom and in their lives.

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